Why Does My Cat’s Poop Smell is so bad? 5 Tips to Get Rid of that

Stools never smell pleasant but cat’s poop smell really bad and putrid for various reasons. This stink is the cause of something your cat eats or can be a serious cause, you need to seek a veterinarian’s help to get into the roots to fix it.

Being pet-parent is itself a great feeling but pet maintenance can be the most daunting and effortful task. You have to go the extra mile to look after things on the whole so that your cat feels comfortable but what if you are not comfortable with the stool smell? It doesn’t only pollute the air but is also unhealthy for the cat’s health.

Pet owners sometimes fail to figure the reason for the putrid smell when their cats poop. Some of them are mentioned below:

1.   Parasites in the poop

Worms and parasites in the poop can make it stinky. If you notice some moving insects in the litter box when the cat is done pooping, then possibly the smell is due to the presence of insects. Visit the vet. Have some fecal tests for the cats. Worms also descend down to the baby kittens and this is something easy to deal with. You will be prescribed some medicine to give your cat for the course of time. It will certainly help your cat’s poop to get normal.

2.   Unhealthy food

Cats love to play around different things, they lick and bite them. Being carnivores, cat loves tasting foods of different flavors while parents always curious to give their kittens the best that not only fill their appetite but also facilitate the growth of the body, mind, improve health on the whole. Parents choose grains for the cats so that they can avail of all the promised benefits mentioned on labels. But grains can sometimes upset the feline stomach and as a result they excrete horribly bad odor stools. Switch on different diet also add some natural foods to their diet.

3.   Problems with the Digestive system

If you have already figured out the parasitic action and the troublesome food but still your cat’s poop smells really bad then there must be some issues with the digestive system. Excessive gas, colon bacteria, and diarrhea can also cause excessive smell in the stool. Make sure the food you provide them with is healthy and nourishing and fulfills the body requirements for different body functions. Excessively processed food must be eliminated from their diet. If the diet is healthy, the cat will tend to excrete less smelly poop.

So these are some obvious reasons why your cat’s poop smells so bad, if you want to fix it, we have brought you some amazing tips.

Tips to Get Rid of the Stinky cat’s poop?

  • Thoroughly clean the litter box because not only the poops but the clumps of urine also release pungent odor if not removed from the litter box. You have to clean it every day. Scoop out the clumps of urine and twice a day. Remove the litter from the box, wash it with the quality detergent, dry, and spread back the litter inside.
  • You can also use odor-eliminating sprays. This will help you reduce the content of bad odor in the air.
  • Cat grooming can also be found effective to reduce a cat’s poop smell.
  • Give your cat a regular bath with fluorescent or natural soap.
  • What your cat eats has more impact on the texture, color, and odor of the stool, give him healthy, more natural, and less-fiber-containing food.

Cat poop smells so bad for various reasons but self-grooming, daily care, litter box cleaning, and a good diet can help you fix it!