Pure White German Shepherds

White German Shepherds are considered unique types of dogs with beauty and innocence. They have many common things with the standard German Shepherd except for color. They have a plush white coat that makes them famous and unusual.

They are muscular and medium-sized with unique white colors and erect ears. They have athletic bodies and are well-trained with intelligence.

The loyalty trait is the best element of the identification in White German Shepherd. Therefore, people love to make them their pets.

History of White German Shepherds

Max Von Stephanitz discovered these dogs in 1899. White German Shepherds have a different fluffy coat than other standard German Shepherds. People thought about WGS that they have a pale color masking gene that makes them unique. They have recessive white genes that other usual shepherds do not contain. They gain popularity because of their excellence, training, obedience, and becoming champions because of their herding capabilities.

The temperament of White German Shepherd:

The temperament of White German Shepherd:

One of the most lovable features of White German Shepherds is the loyalty that attracts humans to make them their pets. They do everything to protect their family and their owners and even risk their own life for protection. Their personality is well-balanced, peaceful, and cheerful. They have faithfulness, courage, obedience, and confidence to the core of their heart.

Their endurance and intensity are admirable with their herding abilities. They have an instant reaction whenever their family and owners need their protection. They are well aware of every social situation and their surroundings with strangers. It exhibits their observant qualities. Overall, they have incredible personalities.

Activities and exercises for WGS

There are plenty of activities that are highly suitable for the strength and endurance of White German Shepherds. From walking to jogging, running to hiking, even swimming is considered impactful activities for them. They are the best partners for their pet owners. You can enjoy your bicycle riding along with your shepherds walking. As far as their playing activities are concerned, they are pro at playing fetch, frisbee, and ball. Their daily exercise and activities boost up their endurance at high levels of energy. You’ll never get bored at any time after you make White German Shepherds your pet.

Health issues

Like every other dog, White German Shepherds also are prone to some health issues in which hip and elbow dysplasia are on the top of the list. Dysplasia is the joints malformation that is usually present in large-sized dogs. There is no hard and fast rule of age to the appearance of these problems as these are hereditary issues.

Other health issues include airborne allergies, food-related allergies, and eye diseases. Few white German shepherds also contain rare diseases such as Congenital Spine Disease and Lupus.

It is necessary to consult a well-reputed vet for the proper take care of their health. They know how to diagnose the problem, what kind of treatment should be given, and for how long they need treatment for a healthy life. Regular checkups can help your dog to stay away from any disease.

Herding capabilities

White German Shepherds are highly intelligent and comprehend training quickly. They know well enough how to protect instantly. They are ideal guard dogs who give the best protection to the herd of animals from predators, so if you are looking for some perfect dogs, then White German Shepherds never fail to impress you.

You can train your dogs about whistles, directions, returning positions, and signals that might help them to get the signs for your protection. They have heartfelt personalities, so they never get rid of you in harm and are always there for your help. Therefore, loyalty is one of the most probable characteristics to make them pets.