Male or Female German Shepherd

One of the most significant things to decide while owning a German Shepherd is their gender. Every pet owner thinks a lot when making them their pets, and usually, they can’t decide which one to choose, a male or a female?

Like every male and female, German shepherds have different traits and appearances from each other. Like the male German Shepherds are larger in size than the female ones. Similarly, many other differences make you think about the final decision.

It depends on the choice, selection, and requirements of every pet owner that what they want from their pet. Let’s explore the differences between the male and the female German Shepherd.

Male and Female physical characteristics

The weight of male German Shepherds is around 66 to 88 pounds whereas female weighs between 49 to 71 pounds. Their height also shows that the physical appearance of the male is larger than the female. Male German Shepherd is average on 25 inches, whereas the female at the withers is approximately 23 inches. Both of them have a difference in their bodies, like the males have a broad and muscular body. On the other hand, the female German Shepherd has a leaner and thin body and is lighter than the male’s body. Therefore, every pet owner should be clear enough about their requirement of physical appearance to make a correct decision.

Male and Female temperament difference

Male and Female temperament difference

If you want a softer, sweeter, and calm personality in Shepherds, you must go with the female one. They have a moderate temperament and are less proud than males. But training is necessary for both of them to move them out for socialization. Male dogs are not so friendly and stay in their own personality, but there is no doubt in obedience for both genders.  You should train them about decent and quiet behavior adoption among other animals and humans.

Feeding male and female German Shepherds

The requirement of food depends upon the size, age, and metabolism of the dog. The male German Shepherds are larger in size than females, so their demand for food is more than females. Animals nutritionists suggest giving meals in two servings of 3 to 4 cups healthy food. The nutrition food varies from dog to dog because food requirement is not equal for every dog.

German Shepherd Dogs grow at a speedy pace within 4 to 7 months of age. Therefore, they need special care with proper nutrition that fulfills their need for ideal growth and performance.

Activity for both dogs

Exercise and healthy activities are necessary for both male and female dogs. Usually, both dogs are active and energetic with strong muscles and a healthy body. But still, if regular activities are not performed, their endurance will be decreased.

If you can’t take them out for walking, jumping, running, jogging, then you should not opt for German shepherds as your pet. The male German shepherd has a muscular body that exhibits high endurance and more energy than the female. It means training, physical activity, and exercise ability are more in males because of their heavy physical appearance.

A general glance at the comparison

  • Male dogs are large in muscles and body that proves to be better guards and more protective than female dogs.
  • They have a big difference in their physical appearance from weight to height and coat.
  • As far as temperament is concerned, female German Shepherds are better as they are softer and friendly.

Bottom line

German shepherds, male or female both, have their own standard traits and requirements from physical appearance to temperament and endurance. It is the duty of the pet owner to clarify the demands regarding choosing the pet so they can easily select the right pet for them.