is burning sage toxic to dogs

is burning sage toxic to dogs

When I was with my grandmother, she always used sage, and I didn’t know how healthy it’s for the dog. But one of my friends who knows about sage, he said it’s good or bad for the dogs. Sage also is known as salvia, and it’s a herb and leaf using for medicine. Burning sage gives you lots of benefits like improve your mood, boost up the energy level, and treat minor illnesses. But those things are for the peoples, and you don’t know burning sage toxic to dogs.

How it’s affecting the Dogs?

How it's affecting the Dogs?

Sage is non-toxic when it is food. But dogs sense of smell more than humans, and it’s 100 million greater than humans. It’s means burning sage could damage the sense of smell, and you probably need to protect their lounges. Also, Sage smoke could cause ear infection too. If your lovely pet has furry or big flappy ears, smoke can trap on their ears. Every dog is unique from other dogs, likely humans. Some dogs are enjoying it and chasing the smoke. Others become nervous and may fear for it. So carefully watch their reactions.

How to deal with it?

Like my grandmother, we can’t stop using sage because they didn’t allow us to do that and with lots of problems. So you can try different ways to solve that problem.

Leave the windows to get some fresh air into the home.

In this method, sage smoke didn’t trap in the house, and extra will transfer through the window, and It will make safe more than before.

Keep the dog away from home when you were using the sage.

You can walk with the dog if you are not interested in the sage or say to a friend to do that. It’s a healthier option for the dog.

Use sage privately

if you are only one that using sage, you can use your room to do this.

The conclusion that you need to know

Last conclusion that you need to know

My last word is sage smoke; it might be dangerous for some dogs but not for all dogs. You need to check their reaction for the sage smoke, and you can notice different of its opinions.if its have any problem, that’s doesn’t matter because you have options to solve that.