How To Stop Dog From Digging Under Fence

How To Stop Dog From Digging Under Fence

Even though our little canine friends might have a much different opinion on this kind of matter, the fences that are in front of our house is not only for decoration. Besides fences giving us privacy, they are also the thing that keeps out the bad stuff and keeps the good stuff inside. This actual type of structure plays a role as a kind of wall protection and safety.

Well, until our little playful friends start to dig under this protector. If you are trying to find out how to stop dog from digging under the fence, well, then, I have the answer right here for you.

Let us start with some causes why your dog is digging under the fence, shall we? We will be able to understand why they are doing it, and we will be able to help them more.

The Causes Of Why Your Dog Is Digging

The Causes Of Why Your Dog Is Digging

Digging is a type of behaviour that comes from a dog’s instincts, which different types of dog breeds display more often than other breeds; some of them include the Terriers and the Dachshund.

As a dog owner, you should not prohibit them from doing these kinds of behaviours because there are some dogs that have the need to dig just like some other dogs who prefer to sniff on some toys or even their treats.

Here are some psychological problems that might be the cause of why your dog is digging under the fence.


If a dog has anxiety, it won’t be shown only when your dog is digging. A dog who has anxiety overall will also give out other types of symptoms when they are being confronted with situations that they have not to experience before or triggers.

This goes especially for separation anxiety; it might be the cause of digging when your dog is left alone in your yard. There would be different holes under your fences as well as some on your yard.

Your dog would also show some typical anxiety signs, which include things like excessive eliminating, barking, depression, destructive behaviour, aggression, and lastly, pacing.

Our dogs will really put a lot of effort into trying to escape from the yard just so that they can go back to us. So, dogs digging will on occur when our dogs are left at home all alone. A solution that would be best for this kind of problem would be helping them with separation anxiety, which would also take out the digging.



Every single dog has a different level when it comes to prey drive. Some of the dog breeds that have high prey drive include the Hounds, Terriers, and a hunting breed like Weimaraner. Our dogs will not only show their hunting behaviour when they are in the yard, but they will also show this kind of behaviour during walks and while they are playing.

When the digging is a lot more concentrated to a single spot or maybe even two, it is because your dog suspects that an animal is there, and the dug- up holes will be like a path-like structure.


Our dogs get bored very quickly when they are left all alone in our yard for a long period of time without anything they can do. This goes especially for dog breeds or even puppies that have really have high energy, and they will be the ones to be more of a problem.

Solutions For A Dog Who Digs

Once you have finally figured out all the causes of why your dog is digging, now is the time to find a solution for it. Here are some great solutions that you can do to stop your dog from digging.

Redirect Them To A Sandbox

Redirect Them To A Sandbox:

For dogs that are in love with digging, they will definitely need a different outlet for that. It is a natural behaviour, and when there is no right outlet for their digging, they will most definitely still mess up your yard and even maybe escape.

If you give your little canine friend a safe digging zone, you will be able to keep this friend happy and also keep your yard clean.

You can purchase your dog a normal sandbox that kids use or even build a sandbox of your own. Remember that you should not get a sandbox that is made out of plastic because your dog may be able to chew some parts off and choke on these parts. A material that would be best for our dog would be wood that is solid and water-resistant. There are a lot of shops that sell these, so you will not have a problem.

Now, the sandbox of your dog should be filled with some soil, loose sand, and be in a place where there is shade. When you introduce the sandbox, remember to make it fun and very engaging so that our little canine friends will never be tempted to start digging under your fence again.

Hiding some of his favourites under the sand and reward him with his favourite treats will be a great way for him to enjoy the sandbox more. If ever you see him digging in a spot that is not his sandbox, just say “no” in a firm tone and guide him to his sandbox with the use of treats.

You should also make your yard look unattractive for your dig, and it is very simple.

Chicken Wire

Chicken Wire:

You will be able to discourage your dog from digging under the fence by burying these chicken wires under them. Remember to measure the fence first and purchase the right amount of the chicken wire to hide under the fence with one of the sides sticking into your yard.

Supervise Them:

Our dogs should always be supervised when they are in the yard. It can be boring to be alone there, anyways. This goes especially for the escape artists and fence fighters. You should play and interact with your little canine friend, you will be able to create a strong bond between you two, and they won’t be thinking about the fence.