How to Keep Cats Away from Bird Feeders

How to Keep Cats Away from Bird Feeders

Anyone who owns a cat and bird knows the struggle of keeping them clean while removing the bird-feeder-and-cat problem. Feeders add entertainment and visual aspect to your yard, no doubt. However, it also draws in cats that want to prey on the birds.

You surely don’t want your lovable feathered friend to end up as your cat’s lunch, so try these simple tips without harming any of them!

  • Keep your pet cats indoor

Keep your pet cats indoor

The simplest way to prevent cats from hunting birds that nest or feed in your yard. Keeping your four-legged friend inside doubles the benefit – prohibiting it from killing as many birds and having a longer life than outdoor cats.

  • Smell deterrent or spray

Smell deterrent or spray

There are specific scenes that cats heavily dislike, such as lemongrass and citronella. You can plant some in your garden or make a spray out of them. A DIY funky mix and spray is a good option too.

  • Sprinkle pepper

Another ingredient that deters the cat is the pepper. Just like humans, they are also prone to the irritation and burning of capsaicin contained within hot peppers. Either spray some pepper flakes around the shrubs where cats usually hide or around the bird feeders. Otherwise, make your own spray.

  • Choose the right location for feeders

Don’t put feeders in hiding areas. You’re only making it easier for cats to stalk their prey. These include decks, bushes, and patio furniture. Instead, keep the feeders out in open spaces.

  • Make feeders difficult to reach

Make feeders difficult to reach

In this case, you may want to consider getting a tall bird feeder pole with a pulley. Some pulleys stand at twelve feet tall, which makes them cat-proof. You can purchase a baffle and pole separately, though an all-in-one system is also available.

  • Attach baffles or other equipment

Attach baffles or other equipment

Not only squirrels are strictly prohibited from eating the bird food but acts as a fender between the predators and birds as well. A feeder cover or birdhouse is also ideal for protecting birds from your furry pet.

  • Try the sprinkle device

If you have enough funds, why not install a motion-activated sprinkler? Cats surely don’t want to get a bang of water unexpectedly. And, never fret because your kitties wouldn’t get hurt! It’s a humane cat deterrent.

  • Consider investing in a catio

Take advantage of your nice huge garden by installing a cat enclosure or catio. Other than protecting the birds from your furry’s prying eyes, your cats are also well-protected to run around in.

  • Do not shelter or feed stray cats

Animal lovers like to feed stray cats or even take care of them. However, there are limitations too. Resist the urge to feed feral pet cats because you will only give them more energy to attack birds. Report them to a local animal shelter instead of population control and capture.

  • Install fencing around your yard

Install fencing around your yard

Fencing is specifically ideal if your yard serves as an attraction for feral stray cats to come inside. You can do the installation on your own or buy a design typically available as an extension to your existing fences or a free-standing fence.