How often you should clean your Cat’s Litter Tray?

Preventing litter box problems is not an easy job yet it is crucial for your little four-legged friend and your satisfaction too. But first, why do you need to take care of it? Being a pet parent, you have to take into account that cats are extremely finicky about their toileting habits, they need a private and clean place to defecate. How often to change the cat litter? Well, it depends on certain conditions. 

Litter trays are an important part of their daily routines. Trays must be kept privately in the home where your cat finds it comfortable to excrete. If you have more than one cat at home then you must also have separate trays for each of them so that none of them is prevented from excreting in the litter box.

But the question is how often it is mandatory to scoop away the waste?  

Experts suggest once in the month is fine for the good health of your feline friend, but you should be doing it more often twice or thrice a month or once a week is super good to keep up the clean habits. It also depends on the types of litter, the number of kittens, and the health of your kittens. 

If you are new pet parents and not really sure about how to maintain the litter box of the kittens, then we’ve got you the basic tips to look after it. 

What is the type of litter? 

What is the type of litter? 

Assessing the type of Litter will help you determine how often you’ll have to clean it. While the best on the list is “Clumping Litter”. Clumping litter makes hard clumps by absorbing urine, you’ll find it easy to remove from the box. Fecal material is also easy to scoop away from it. On the other hand, using non-clumping litter can make cleaning difficult sometimes and urine gets absorbed in the wood or clay. Clumping litters require cleaning less frequently than non-clumping ones. If you are super busy to attend your cat’s litter box or barely get time for it then Clumping Litter is the perfect option to opt for. 

Clumping Litter: Scoop or Clean? 

More than 60% of the cats’ owners choose Clumping Litter due to the benefits it comes with. But then the very question that wraps around the brain is – How should I maintain it? Scoop away or clean it? If more urine clumps out in the litter, more often you have to scoop them out. With the help of a litter scoop, you can easily maintain it regularly. Scooping away the clumps cannot fix the bad odor though. You have to buy odor-controlling sprays to fix it. If you fail to clean the litter box, your cat will start excreting outside the box. For safety and health standards, you should clean scoop regularly or twice daily. 

How to Scoop Clumps away?

How to Scoop Clumps away?

  • Dig the slotted-scoop down in the litter where you find clumps to remove. 
  • After taking a clump in it, shake it gently so that clean litter falls back to the box. 
  • Dump the clumps in the plastic box, and collect others. 
  • Dispose of outside. 


Another option for maintaining the litter box is to clean it on the whole. Trash the litter, wash and dry under the sun, and refill it with the new litter. This cleaning option works for both clumping and non-clumping litter. 

Kittens of all genres are extremely choosy about their lifestyles and also for their toilet habits and it is good for their health too. If you often get it cleaned you don’t have to replace it occasionally.