How long do German shepherds live?

A German Shepherd is a new dog breed that lives a long and happy life than other large breeds. They are medium to large-sized and hold a healthy body. German shepherds were used for herding sheep but have become famous as working dogs these days.

There are many positive things that people love about German shepherds making them their pets, but most people think of pet them because of their life expectancy.

Importance of pet’s lifespan

When pet owners are looking for a dog breed, they possibly not happy because of their short lifespan. Companion Animal Psychology believes that people reject dogs with a short lifespan, and longevity overshadows other factors. There are many most common dog breeds with poor health and shorter lives. But of course, whenever pet owners want to buy a pet, they surely consider the animal with the best health and long life.

The average age of German Shepherds

Usually, German Shepherds live from 10 to 13 years which means their minimum life is around 10 years, and their maximum life would be 13 years. The care of the pet owners towards Shepherds matters, of course, it can make their health better, and they can live at their maximum. The small breeds can live up to 17 or 20 years, while on the other hand, large breeds such as German shepherds put more pressure on their bodies which is why they cannot live this much longer. No matter how much you take care of them, their life will not increase more than 13 years. But if you really don’t take care of them as much as you should, then all they live is just their minimum life (11 years). At least you should try your best to maximize his life from 11 to 13. In some cases, it might be possible rarely that your German shepherd exceeds the age of 13 years- if you or your shepherd is lucky enough.

Health problems might decrease the lifespan

When you make your mind to raise these canines, you need to make sure about physical exercises for them as they are already active, and these exercises help them exceed their minimum. Their best shape needs exercise to be firm and healthy. You can train your best buddy for doing physical activities. Irrespective of gender, they usually weigh between 75 to 95 pounds. Sometimes their heavyweight itself becomes the reason for their health issues. Many health issues, such as Hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, Epilepsy, IVDD, or Myasthenia gravis, etc., shortens their lifespan even from a minimum of 11 years of age. Some of these diseases are incurable, while others might get treated with proper care and attention.

Increase German Shepherd’s lifespan

Pet owners love their dogs as their kids and never want to lose them. If you desire your shepherds to stay by your side for more than 11 years, you have to take care of them through proper steps. Healthy nutrition and physical exercises help you in this matter.

  • Healthy weight

Large breeds usually suffer because of their obesity. You can provide a healthy diet in which calories should be from 1700 to 2200 for German Shepherds. Stay in contact with the best Vet nutritionist to get a healthy diet cart with optimum nutritional values for your companions.

  • Physical therapy

Mobility and exercises are the best way to increase lifespan and get rid of arthritis problems. German Shepherds are already active dogs, and your little attention to their physical exercise can keep them healthy forever and even help them increase their life. Make their routine of exercise and train them on their own. Try your best to keep their stress levels low.

Bottom line

Your companionship with care can increase the life of German shepherds from a minimum (11 years) to a maximum (13 years). Get them for proper checkups, training, and healthy nutrition to make them stay by your side healthy and long!