How fast can a German Shepherd run?

Many people love pets who are active, fast, and well-trained. The German Shepherd is considered the fastest canine in the world. They have the top speed with impressive performance. German Shepherds are high-grade runners who frequently work in the military and the police. Usually, it depends upon their training work that how well their training is related to their walking and running.

German Shepherd’s top speed is usually 30 mph (or about 48 kph). Their weight, height, training, and many other factors might affect, but usually, the running speeds of German Shepherds are 15 mph and raised from 5 to 20 miles (between 8 and 32 km). It means their running speed in an hour is up to 30 miles that is excellent according to estimations. The most credit goes to their impressive muscular body that contains a lot of energy and unshakeable focus to run with their peak speed. They might shock their pet owners with their highest speed.

Factors that influence to increase GSD speed

How fast can a German Shepherd run

The capability of walking and running depends upon the German Shepherd’s health, training, size, weight, and mainly fitness. If your Shepherd is highly fit, then the rate of speed might be double that of other shepherds. If they are not highly fit, then you can come up with some fitness techniques and exercises. It will help to keep them healthy for running and increase their stamina. Let’s take a look at some activities that increase the rate of speed for your German Shepherd.


Walking is the most standard practice that your German Shepherd can do. Starting from an average pace that can be around 2-3 mph (about 4.5 kph) can help increase their intensity. Here the practice assists and strengthens the gait and makes a better contact of legs with the ground. Take your dog for walking at least twice a day, so their stamina and intensity increase their ability. Letting them inside your home and wasting their strength can never them good runners.


Take your dogs for a long jog and let them walk, jog, run at their maximum. Just like jog increase the stamina and strength of a human, it also influences GSD’s body and intensity. The jogging speed should be a little too high than walking, and you can start at 6 mph (or about 10 kph). It will boost the cardiovascular system of your German Shepherd and level up their energy.


Swimming can be beneficial training for your dog’s fitness and health. Water assists as resistance and cushion for the development of your dog’s muscles. This activity has a low impact than others, but the consistency can boost the endurance that helps them running at their maximum speed.

Factors that influence to decrease GSD speed

The average speed of running of a German Shepherd is satisfying, but some factors can affect them. These factors can reduce their endurance and speed. Here are some factors that influence.


If your dog is older now, it is normal that their speed lowers because older dogs have lower health, intensity, and endurance than adult dogs. Geriatric German Shepherd Dogs are not interested in walking, running, jumping, or any other impactful exercise or activity as they are considered senior dogs. Therefore, their speed is lower than others.

Health issues

Like humans, Shepherds also get injuries and pain that make them uncomfortable for activities and training. Their legs and back can be affected by any pain that decreases their health and ultimately reduce their walking and running speed. The trainers and pet owners need to ensure low-impact activity that boosts their stamina without cramping their muscles.


The average speed of your German Shepherd is gratifying and pleasing, but good and bad factors might increase and lower their running ability.