Essentials Every Dog Owner Ought to Have

5 Essentials Every Dog Owner Ought to Have

So, you’ve brought a dog or new puppy to your home. You are experiencing a mix of emotions. On one end, you have excitement for your new pet that you cannot contain. On the other hand, you are slightly concerned about how they will adjust and fit into your family. You are prepared to take care of them and shower them with all the love they deserve. There is only one problem. You are unsure of what you need to get to give your dog the best of the best. Guess what? You need not be. Here is a list of some dog essential items you will need in your home. 


Your dogs have got to eat. Get them the best materials for their food. Stainless steel is a perfect option since it is easy to clean and super durable. Another plus is that you are sure it won’t leak toxins into your beloved dog’s food or water as is expected with plastic bowls. If you are worried about the stainless-steel bowl sliding all over the house, find one that has a rubber bowl at the bottom. If you happen to have an older dog or one with neck issues, you may want to consider getting a raised feeding tray. With such a feeding tray, the dog will not need to strain their necks. 

Dog Food

Take care of your little pet by providing it with high-quality food. Do not just feed it with scraps that no one has used for if you want to keep them in good health. Put more thought into what they consume. Purchase the best food you can afford. Ensure that they get enough protein in their diet. High-quality dog food gives your dog all the nutrients they need to lead a healthy life. Buy a measuring cup to measure out the exact amount of food your dog needs. That will reduce the chances of underfeeding or overfeeding. 

Dog treats

Dogs love the smell and taste of treats. Most treats contain savoury ingredients that dogs enjoy indulging in. The treats are also usually high in nutritional value. Get treats like bully sticks for dogs. They are highly digestible. And seeing that they come from high protein beef muscle, they are the perfect source of amino acids for your dog. Amino acids are vital for building your dog’s muscles, skin, coat and brain. 

Collar and leash

Leashes will make walks with your furry friend more bearable and enjoyable. Provide your dog with a leather collar with a nameplate with your name and phone number so that you never have to worry when they run off. For leashes, it is best to get one that has a handling loop that is close to the collar. That comes in handy when you are walking the dog and need to keep it real close. If you have a bigger dog breed, harnesses may be the best option for you. They prevent spinal pressure, neck strain and choking that may happen with the regular collars. 


Toys are not just fun. They provide mental stimulation and encourage your dog to exercise. What’s more, is that they offer the perfect bonding opportunity. Get different kinds of toys from chew toys, retrieving toys, and squeaky toys. 

Final remarks

The products above are some of the must-haves for any dog owner. With these essential pieces, you are ready to take on the dog ownership journey boldly. All that is left is to relax and enjoy every passing moment with your pet as you make memories.