6 Best dogs pregnancy test kits at home | Complete buying guide

Do you see indications of pregnancy in your dog but don’t know how to confirm it?

If you are a new owner, it might be tough and challenging for you to detect it but not impossible. If we compare the pregnancy in dogs with humans, it entirely different and relatively short. Humans have 9b months of pregnancy, but dogs have 9 weeks of pregnancy. Although, each day is quite challenging and matters. If you really love your dog, you need to educate yourself for their every need, and their pregnancy is one of their requirement about which their breeders should know in detail.

Let’s have a look at few pregnancy kits that you can use at home to detect pregnancy in your female dog.

Telescopic Pole and Detachable Cup CheckUp Kit for Dogs$4.2AmazonCheck Price
KIT4CAT CheckUp Urine Testing Strips for your lovable pets$3.8AmazonCheck Price
Rubsy Dogs Cats Early Pregnancy Test Strips Kit$3.4AmazonCheck Price
Novodog Ovulation Sticks- the best time to breed$4.1AmazonCheck Price
Synbiotics Canine and Feline Pregnancy Test Kit$$3.6AmazonCheck Price
AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips- early home detection$4.7AmazonCheck Price

Telescopic Pole and Detachable Cup CheckUp Kit for Dogs

Telescopic Pole and Detachable Cup CheckUp Kit for Dogs

Key features

  • Telescope pole
  • Disposable cup for collection
  • Testing strips for detection
  • Easy and painless
  • Non-invasive and quick results

We believe you love and care for your dogs like people love their kids. Of course, you have your sentiments attached with them as you feed them, play with them and do so much more. You also care about their pregnancy; therefore, a telescoping pole and detachable cup CheckUp kit for a dog’s pregnancy is best for their test.

The disposable cup available with the CheckUp kit makes it easy to collect the urine sample of the female dog. It would tell everything about pregnancy and indicate even any related disease too. It can help you detect high glucose levels, kidney failure, urinary tract infection, and blood in the urine. It has 2 testing strips, and each has 4 parameters that detect these four conditions. All of these facts are already present in the box of the kit.

The CheckUp kit helps you to know about the overall wellness of your dog. Specifically, you can use it to check the pregnancy of the dog. It is a super easy and stress-free kit for you when you need to test pregnancy in your dog. It is non-invasive and gives you quick results. Isn’t it amazing that you can evaluate the overall health of your best buddy through 1 kit?

How to use it?

  • Pole assembly; Fasten the metal ring to the telescopic pole by twisting it.
  • Place the cup; Drag the metal ring to elongate the pole and put the cup in it.
  • Collect sample; When the dog is urinating, catch the sample for pregnancy testing.
  • Load the vial; Load the vial at least 3/4 way through the pipette.
  • Dip the strip; Dip the strip in the vial and ensure that you dip all the squares present on the strip in the vial.
  • Read results; After it is completely dipped into the vial, lift it out and put it near the result card as soon as possible.

The instructions to read the results are already given for your convenience.

KIT4CAT CheckUp Urine Testing Strips for your lovable pets

KIT4CAT CheckUp UTI Urine Testing Strips for Cats and Dogs - Detection of pH, Nitrite and Leukocytes x 50

Key features

  • 3 parameters testing strips
  • Test at home for quick results
  • Non-invasive technique
  • Simple and reliable

Dog lovers do not consider them their pets or animals; they treat them as their best buddies and best partners. When you want to buy a kit to check your dog’s pregnancy, KIT4CAT CheckUp testing strips never fail to convince you through their most reliable results.

These strips are available for your convenience so you can test the pregnancy or any other disease in your pet at home. It provides you quick and accurate results with the result table card. You can easily detect the results with the help of the available card and get to know if it shows your dog’s pregnancy or no pregnancy. You can get to know the best possible results within 120 seconds.

We believe you would love another feature that these strips can even use to detect 3 parameters, such as pH, Leukocytes, and Nitrite for Cats or Dogs. So if your pet has issues with its health, you come to know early with the help of these strips and go for further proceedings.

These are 50 clinic-grade test strips as they are reliable, safe, and non-invasive.

How to use it?

  • Dip the strip in for 2 seconds
  • Draw it out
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Monitor against the color legend on the description to recognize which result suits your strip.

Be sure to check at the 30 seconds mark as the strip’s color will proceed to change when exposed to air.

Rubsy Dogs Cats Early Pregnancy Test Strips Kit

Rubsy Dogs Cats Early Pregnancy Test Strips Kit

Key features

  • Early pregnancy detection
  • Quick and accurate test
  • Simple operation
  • Time-consuming
  • Safe and clean

Have you heard about Rubsy dogs and cat’s early pregnancy test strips? It’s one of the best kits for early pregnancy detection that gives a reliable assessment of your dog’s pregnancy status. You can quickly get the results as shortly as 20 days through a simple operation.

This pregnancy kit is a complete package of a sealed test strip, blood collection set, disposal dropper, and Buffer. This hygiene packaging is what makes it unique from others.

Of course, you get worried when you see any indications of pregnancy in your dog. But there’s nothing to worry about because the Rubsy Dog test kit is there for your help. It is a time-consuming and stress-relieving idea for accurate detection. We believe you definitely love this easy-to-use and safe kit for accuracy.

How to use it?

  • Draw 1-2ml of vein blood from your dog and centrifuge for 15 minutes at 4000r/min to exact serum.
  • Pipette 2 drops of serum into the S-hole.
  • You have to wait for only 15 minutes for accurate and instant results.

Interpretation tips are already given within the pack for your convenience.

Novodog Ovulation Sticks- the best time to breed

Novodog Ovulation Sticks- the best time to breed

Key features

  • Determine the mating best time
  • Irregular estrus cycle history
  • Vaginal swabs
  • Determine history of no or false pregnancies
  • Artificial insemination plan
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Reduce your vet costs

Looking for a best-time breed kit to know about your female dog’s pregnancy? Look no more because Natures Farmacy Novodog Ovulation Sticks help you in that case. It is utilized by many dog-breeders to discover the best time when the mating should take place. Although, the optimal time after ovulation is 2 days, and challenging to identify without signs and symbols. When the glucose level in your female dog rises, they measure directly on the enzymes affected that level. You can also determine the level of estrogen through the help of these Novodog Ovulation Sticks.

It is necessary to insert these sticks in your female dog’s vagina as these sticks are pretty portable and available to tell the maximum time for canine mating. Various hormones help to regulate the seasonal cycle and the subsequent pregnancy.

We believe you look for something easy to use, and these sticks are highly compatible to use at home. These are less depressive for your bitch. You don’t need to draw blood. When your female dog is ready to breed, these sticks work effectively. One of the most significant advantages is, you don’t need to go to the vet and do costly visits there for your dog. These sticks never are problematic for you. Therefore, these sticks are affordable and help you reduce your cost spend on this process of your dog.

Novodog Ovulation sticks are ideal for breeders who encounter obstacles with efficient mating. It is necessary to note that these portable test strips use at the first sign of heat.

Try not to expose these ovulation sticks to sunlight or moisture, as they will create inaccurate results because of these exposures.

Synbiotics Canine and Feline Pregnancy Test Kit

Synbiotics Canine and Feline Pregnancy Test Kit

Key features

  • Detect planned as well as unplanned pregnancy
  • Detect hormone relaxation in canine blood
  • Reliable indicator kit
  • No refrigeration required
  • Diagnose fetal resorption
  • Diagnose inevitable abortion

Have you heard about the synbiotics canine and feline pregnancy test kit? The Witness Relaxin Test Kit detects the hormone relaxing in the canine blood, and if there is this hormone presence, it indicates pregnancy. Therefore, it is precisely an indicator of pregnancy in canine and feline patients.

This kit is also used to detect pseudo pregnancy and gestation, as it can detect early planned pregnancy or even unplanned pregnancy. You can also identify false pregnancy through this reliable kit. All you have to take is a blood sample’s small amount and can find instant results. Through plasma and serum samples, it measures relaxin generated by the developing placenta.

We believe you would love another feature of it as it detects fetal resorption and diagnoses inevitable abortion. It is highly compatible for use and reduces human errors. It is basically a pack of five that gives you super-accurate and quick results. You can read desired results within 5 minutes. So if you are looking for expeditious, accurate, and frequent testing, this Witness Relaxin Test Kit is best suited for you.

AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips- early home detection

AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips- early home detection

Key features

  • 25 pieces strips in one pack
  • 3 simple steps to perform
  • 99% accuracy
  • Individually wrapped strips

When you want to buy the best pregnancy test strips to detect the pregnancy of your dogs, AccuMed pregnancy strips never fail to impress you as it shows you 99% accurate results. There are 25 specific strips present in the pack for early detection, so if you feel any indications of pregnancy in your female dog, you can go for this product. These are not particular for dogs; even humans can use these strips to detect pregnancy.

AccuMed pregnancy tests can distinguish HCG levels as low as 25mIU/mL in urine. Its accuracy is ensured by clinical staff as well. We believe it’s a stress for you to get a vet checkup of your dog, but these strips help you get the best results at home, and you don’t need to go any far way for accurate results detection.

Biotech US Supports this product for tests, and even AccuMed provides an exclusive warranty for the strips and test detection.

The pack shows that it’s a 1 step procedure because it is actually 1 step procedure that provides you accurate results in a while. Let’s have a look at these steps:

How to use it?

  • Place in Urine; After urinating into a disposable cup, dip the pregnancy test strip peak into the urine (using a urine sample after not urinating for at least 4 hours) for around 3 seconds. Do not cover past the MAX line shown on the strip.
  • Wait for 5 Minutes; Push the pregnancy strip from the urine and lay it flat on a flat surface. Results will display in precisely 5 minutes.
  • Read the Results; At accurately 5 minutes, read your result. Two distinct lines indicate you are pregnant- one line symbolizes that you are not. (Receiving only one line on the test line shows an unreasonable result).

It can be utilized for your lovable pets as well as for human females.

Everything you need to know about dog’s pregnancy kits at home- an ultimate buyer guide for your convenience

Everything you need to know about dog’s pregnancy kits at home- an ultimate buyer guide for your convenience

Indications of pregnancy in your dogs:

Indications of pregnancy in your dogs:

If you are a new dog owner, it’s pretty hard for you to detect early indications of pregnancy in your dog. But what if you want to know about your dog’s pregnancy without even going to the vet? It’s necessary for you to learn the early signs that appear in your dog when they are pregnant.

Let’s explore some signs that you need to notice to detect the pregnancy of your dog.

Size and color changes of nipples:

The nipples of your female dog start to grow in size when they become pregnant. It is one of the most prominent indications that a dog breeder notices for sure. Not only the size but the color of nipples also changes because of an increased flow of blood. The color might go to mild darker red than the natural color. It might be possible that the nipple leaks milk infrequently during pregnancy.

Abdomen weight gain:

Abdomen weight gain:

It is one of the most typical signs during pregnancy to gain weight around the abdomen. This indicator in the dog usually makes sure their breeders about their pregnancy.

It is not an early-stage indicator but a later stages sign to predict pregnancy because dogs do not gain weight in their starting week. Therefore, whenever you see this indicator in your female dog, you need to approach the vet as soon as possible because it is now the time to consult them. You can’t do anything alone in their later stages. Their pregnancy takes time around 9 weeks, and this indicator appears around 7 weeks.

If you have not noticed any other sign of pregnancy in your female dog, you might not ignore this one.

Appetite changes:

How it's affecting the Dogs?

Of course, your dogs are living beings, and they can hear, they can see, and they can taste. So when they reach to pregnancy stages, you might feel changes in their appetite as it fluctuates in various ways. But it is usually based on the female dog and pregnancy condition. So this indicator varies from dog to dog.

Mostly they will get to start taking less appetite. You will notice a slight loss in hunger during the early stages. You may even observe vomiting suddenly after eating meals. Even though it is also possible that your dog demands more appetite; therefore, it varies from dog to dog. Of course, they carry their little ones, so they need more calories.

Few female dogs might become a little sluggish due to their hormonal changes during pregnancy. These instabilities occur due to these hormonal changes in their body, which is quite natural.

Sluggish behavior:

You need to know that your female dog is pregnant if they adopt sluggish behavior and lose their energy slowly. Your pregnant dog wants to nap more and usually feels exhausted because of its hormonal changes. But there is nothing to worry about because their energy level comes back after their puppies arrive.

Unusual behavior:

The behavior of female dogs varies from dog to dog in the process of pregnancy. Some female dogs try to isolate themselves and go for a nap, while others may seek their breeder’s attention and show unusual and strange behavior. Those who try to isolate themselves might get angry with attention. They even also try to bite and feel irritating. These unusual behavior shows their indications of pregnancy because a dog who is not pregnant will not show such responses.

Mucus discharge:

An inadequate mucus discharge may happen in your female dogs at around one month into the pregnancy. Therefore, it is a starting and early-stage symbol of pregnancy. It keeps bacteria out of the uterus and shields the fetuses. So whenever you feel this mucus discharge change in your female dogs you should understand that they are pregnant.

Try to make your best choice when it comes to but a pregnancy kit for your lovable dog!