Do Dogs Have Lips?

Do Dogs Have Lips?

If you are looking for the answer to “do dogs have lips?” then I have the answer for you right here.

The Anatomy Of A Dog’s Mouth

When we look at the mouth and head of a dog, we are able to see the dog’s muzzle, wet nose, floppy ears, and its cute little forehead. From the mouth, it has a lot of sharp teeth with plenty of flesh so that it will be protected. Though, the lips of the dog seem to be nowhere in sight.

Even if the mouth of our dogs does not have that much visuality like others, lips are something that is an important part of the dog’s snout anatomy. While we humans mostly consume our food by the use of our lips and use it as a sensory organ as well, dogs have a much different way of utilizing their floppy lips.

The Anatomy Of A Dog’s Mouth

The main function of the dog’s lips is to make protection around their teeth and jaw. Still, dog’s lips also have a significant role when it comes to body language, and they are also a body part that helps dogs to transport any scent to their noses so that there is better olfaction. If you do not know what olfaction is, it is the process that forms the smell’s perception.

Now, our dog’s lips are not that separated from each other, which makes a huge different form when comparing to ours. A more significant difference can be discovered from the length of the dog’s jawline. The long canine jawlines are very distinct from the human anatomy that it is just hard to believe that humans even have these jawlines.

Even though we have comparably small jaws, we humans have these things that we call cheeks for a much better capacity. A canine jawline will need more force when biting so that they can be able to break through bones and tear through the flesh. As for us humans, there will be no effort needed when trying to drink water and consuming our veggies because we have suction.

If you have ever questioned why there is a little puddle on your floor right after our dogs drank the water they need or why our dogs are not able to control their drooling, I have the answer for you right here. It is because our dog’s cheek and lip connection are not that developed, which is the reason why they do not have it easy trying to live up to our expectations of mannerisms.

Now, you might really notice when looking at your dog, but their canines have two lips which are separated. Our dog’s upper lip is called as “flew,” and this upper lip has a lot of different types of forms and sizes. If the flew is big in size as well as the jowls, dogs will have more drools that they will leave around the house. As for the lower lip, it is simply called “lower lip.”

There are a lot of dog breeds with bigger flews than other breeds. Some of them include the Spinone Italiano, Labrador Retriever, Dogue de Bordeaux, Bullmastiff, Boxer, Basset Hound, Bull Terrier, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Neapolitan Mastiff, Bulldog, and lastly Bloodhound.

These dogs have really big flews, and it can give you a tough time trying to find the dog’s lower lip. You will have to pull the skin back to be able to see the lower lip which that dog has finally. There are articles about dog jowls, so if you are interested in it, there will be no problem since there are lots of articles online which are free for you to read.

There are not a lot of people who talk about the serrated lips that a dog has even though it is a featured that is just striking. Our human mouths and lips can be really smooth when we take good and proper care of it, but as for the lower lip of a dog, they are filled with some weird bumps. Around the edges are very loaded with the weird bumps.

Whenever they are eating or hunting, the dog’s long jawline, which has very sharp teeth, can be able to injure the surrounding skin and gums severely. We humans do not have that big mouth, but we still manage to bite our lips painfully at times when we are consuming food. Every single canine tooth has it easy when piercing through the skin, which is the one protecting the entire mouth area.

When your dog is trying to eat a bone, oversee it. You will see that the bumpy lips are trying to grip onto the bone so that it will be kept in place and also to be able to protect the outer layer from interference while they are chewing.

The color of the nose will always be the same color as the dog’s gums, as well as the lower lip. Not every single dog has black colored lips, and some dogs have brown or grey coloring. The color will be determined by the level production of melanin inside the body of the canine.

If the dog has more melanin inside its body means that its lips, coat, and skin will be darker in color. Over time, in the lives of a dog, the color can change. These pigment changes are very normal, and the cause of it can be because of the growth hormone and other types of underlying causes.

Our dogs do not smile like us humans. They have a wide mouth open along with their tongue out as for a smile. If they are on a couch, this type of smile means that they are calm and simply satisfied.

Now, this kind of smile is misinterpreted are a guilty look very often. It is a submissive grin, which is a sign of anxiety, fear, and discomfort. There is something wrong if they are grinning like this.

There’s another different type of smile that dogs might use so that he can mimic you. If your dog learned that smiling would get a human’s attention or reward, it would become some sort of habit.

And that answers your question, “do dogs have lips?”