Can I do Human Pregnancy Test on a Dog

The simplest answer is NO, you cannot perform a human pregnancy test on a dog for various reasons. Pregnancy markers for humans are designed on the basis of particular hormones that are released during pregnancy while those hormones are not found in dogs.

It’s always been the period of excitement to see your bitch pregnant and waiting for the cute little puppies to open their eyes in this world, before you. She can get pregnant every time when she is on heat. While the pregnancy duration may last up to 2 months, there are chances to miss the early signs she shows during the first and second week. Obviously, you need to know some ways to detect the pregnancy signs and treat her accordingly.

Why cannot a Human Pregnancy test be performed on Dogs?

Dogs are built differently than humans and so their pregnancy tests. Currently, there are no markers to see pregnancy of the dog via urine sample as that of humans.  When human get pregnant, their produce a hormone called “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)” in unlimited amount and during pee the hormone excreted out. This hormone is specific during pregnancy and mandatory for the growth of the fetus. The pregnancy markers for humans are designed in the way for the prediction of the HCG, if the hormone is present in urine, the pregnancy test will come positive, otherwise, it will be negative. On the other hand, dogs do not produce such hormones which can detect the pregnancy with the help of a urine sample.

Ways to Detect the Pregnancy of your Dog

You can, however, go for the detection of raised levels of Relaxin Hormone in dogs similar to HCG in humans. This can be detected via Canin test with much accuracy, relaxin hormones start to surge between the third and fourth weeks of pregnancy. In contrast, this test requires a blood sample of the dog.

Dog’s pregnancy is not easy to recognize and can become challenging for the breeders most of the time. If this is the first time your dog is expecting pups, she definitely requires great attention, care, and nourished food at the same time. Following are the most recommended products you can use to detect if your dog is pregnant.

  • Rubsy Early Pregnancy Test Stripes
  • Natures Farmacy Novodog Ovulation Sticks
  • Synbiotics Cannin and feling Pregnancy test Kit
  • TABODD Dog Ovulation Detector Tester for Breeders
  • Draminiski DOD2 Deluxe Dog Ovulation Detector.

Signs for the Detection of Pregnancy in Dogs

When dogs get pregnant, they change their habits. This change is easy to detect if your dig is pregnant or not.

1.     Change in Nipples’ Color and Size

From the time when she is on heat to the time during pregnancy, blood flows heavily to the nipples when makes them enlarged and changes the color to slightly darker.

2.     Appetite

Appetite is greatly affected during pregnancy. During the first two weeks, your dog wouldn’t eat much, you’ll be noticing decreased appetite and after that she will eat more than usual. If the pregnancy isn’t detected then this change in the appetite is the certain sign.

3.     Vaginal Discharge

After the first month of pregnancy, your dog may experience discharge a sort of liquid through the vagina. As the time of delivery come closer she would often discharge some amount of blood as well.

4.     Size gain around the abdomen

On average, dogs give birth to 5-7 litters, mass gain around the abdomen is the precise indicator to detect the pregnancy. This can be confused with weight gain but if you continue to notice other signs, seek veterinary help.

5.     Activeness

Throughout the pregnancy, your dog will remain lethargic. She may seem depressed, she would love to rest and being scratched, turn into less responsive, and irritated. While several other behavioral changes are also notable.

In a nutshell, one cannot perform a Human pregnancy test on Dogs, however, you may perform some tests and assess the change in habits to detect pregnancy.