Blue heeler German Shepherd mix

A blue heeler German Shepherd mix is basically a mixed breed dog with a German Shepherd dog parent and another Australian cattle dog parent. These two dogs are working and accomplished dogs that actually define their offspring’s personality as well. Blue heeler German Shepherd mix has a mysterious yet accomplished and proud character, but you need to prepare yourself to find them and provide them proper training. This dog needs a lot of mental stimulation and playtimes as he is active and full of energy. So if you are looking for any crossbreed dog, a blue heeler German Shepherd mix never fails to impress you in any way.

Blue heeler German Shepherd mix physical appearance

The shape of this dog is based on the dominant genes like any other crossbreed. Some of them look like a German Shepherd, and others might look like an Australian cattle dog. Their body is strong and shows their active and energetic personality with husky and long figures and broad shoulders. Their face is lean and fibrous with a medium to large, broad muzzle. Their height can be 18 to 26 inches depends upon their dominant genes. And their weight is around 35-90 pounds. Their coat color can be a combination of blue shade, and light brown appears from their dominant genes. Their physical personality makes it easy for you to select the best one to be your pet.

Blue heeler German Shepherd mix origin

A new crossbreed in the canine world with a limited history is the blue heeler German Shepherd mix. The extensive research about these dogs shows that they were formed in the least 30 years. Both parents of these dogs are considered as herding dogs and show their working behavior throughout. Both parents are from different regions, but many traits are similar. These traits give rise to a unique and innovative crossbreed that is blue heeler German Shepherd mix. The exact origin is still unknown, but the latest research shows the fact that these dogs are a great and vast crossbreed and highly lovable these days.

Temperament and personality of Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

The living offspring always inherit traits from their parents. So to know the best about the personality and temperament of Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix, it is necessary to look at their parent’s personality traits. German Shepherd is considered one of the most intelligent shepherds among all with self-confidence and courageous temperament. On the other hand, Blue Heeler’s personality traits include loyalty, curiosity, alertness, and many more. Both of these parents are protective and loyal. The strength and stamina that German Shepherd and Blue Heeler share moves forward to their next generation that is Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix. Their positive and negative energies and vibes are mixed up to shift into their offspring. They have herding skills, and sometimes they seem to be stubborn, which means there are few characteristics of stubbornness in Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix.

The energy that all of them have makes perfect family goals.

Train your Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix is a highly intelligent, courageous, and active shepherd. Therefore, it is convenient to train them the way you want. Usually, people tend to train their dogs early in the morning.

You should also train your dog about socialization because when you take your dog out, he must be trained enough to know about the behavior with other animals and humans. They are smart enough, so all you have to do is to give them clear instructions and commands to make them the way you desire.