3 Best dog beds for medium dogs of 2020

Find three best dog beds ever for medium dogs.

In my childhood, I had a puppy named dolly. It had a dish cleaning sponge to sleep before it uses my own & favorite pillow. Then I got angry, but I calmed within a few minutes because it was a cute puppy. I searched for good dog brands and listed them with my budget and puppy’s comfort. It lives happily ten years with me, but sadly it got away from me. Recently I re-listed with a veterinary specialist who my old friend for my medium size and average age dog named Woofy.

Different from best dog beds and Worse dog beds

Best dog beds for medium dogs

To find the best or worse bed, you need to know how to categorize it, and we can measure it quickly with these steps. If the dog sleeps well with any kind of bed, I think its a good foundation but not the best. Because it’s only one matter, we both know generally.

Is bed enough for the dog?

Don’t choose a smaller or barely fitting dog bed for your dog because it gives uncomfortable for your dog. You can easily sense that from your puppy’s emotions.

Need to be reachable for the cleaning

You need to clean the puppy’s bed frequently. If you can clean the dog’s mattress at least once a per week, it’s enough, but it could be affecting the puppy’s health.

Durability and Could be affordable.

A durable dog bed will save you money and time. Also, it will help with the dog’s emotions because they have a lot of memory with their bed if you are using a durable mattress, no need to change their bed with dog’s sense frequently.

Recommended three best dog beds that you can buy

I listed 15 products, but my friend and I filtered them to 3 best dog beds. Two of them are expensive and durable other one is cheap, but it can use the same as the other two.

The best dog beds on the market in 2020

The Big Barker - Mini$$$4.3AmazonCheck Price
PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed$$$4.6AmazonCheck Price
Furhaven Pet Dog Bed$$4.4AmazonCheck Price


The Big Barker – Mini

The Big Barker - Headrest Edition

So without any doubt, Big Barker is the number one of the best dog beds for the medium dogs. They have a substantial lovely customer base because they are providing durable dog beds. It’s expensive but worth more than three times for the price.

Features on the Big Barker

Big Barker specially made for the medium size and small size dogs. That dog bed has a verity of features like colors and size. You have three options for the size with 27 to 39 in length range. The big barker made using American made therapeutic foam. That’s why this bed is expensive and comfortable, even the human. Most dog beds made in china, or they importing a form from china. Because they are very cheaper, but they aren’t durable, and it will flat quicker. I think this is a good investment for your puppy.

  • Chew proof
  • They are using the same foam technology that using on the large beds.
  • They are providing ten years warranty.
  • With American made foam, Won’t flat.
  • Handmade
  • With microfiber cover, you can easily clean it.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Petfusion is a good dog bed brand, but they are using orthopedic memory foam instead of therapeutic foam. Their dog bed not specially made for any kind of age range. Petfusion dog bed’s removable cover can clean using a washing machine, and they have four sizes and three colors to choose from available. With neck and head supporter, providing comfort to the puppy, and they have a good cover design for the water-resistance feature.

  • Chew proof.
  • Comfortable 4-inch solid memory foam.
  • Tear and water resistance cover.
  • ┬áNontoxic.
  • The bed can hold up to hundreds of pounds.
  • Easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Three years warranty.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven got the last place on my review, but it’s not a garbage bed. It’s the budget-friendly number one bed on the best dog beds. The problem is this bed isn’t chewing proof, and they are using cheap materials to made the bed.

Why did I recommend Furhaven bed?

If you are stick on the budget, Furhaven dog bed is perfectly suitable for your puppy, and you can easily clean the mattress. You can select the size, color, and foam type from available options. They didn’t provide size dimensions. So I’ll give you dimensions.


Small – 20 * 15 * 5.5 inches

Medium – 30 * 20 * 6.25 inches

Large – 30 * 27 * 6.5

Jumbo – 44 * 35 * 8 inches

Jumbo Plus – 53 * 42 * 9.5 inches

  • Removable cover.
  • Have a variety of sizes, colors, and foam to buy.
  • Puppy friendly design provides comfort to the dog.