Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth problems

Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth problems

Although cats age slower compared to dogs, this does not change the fact that they are aging. There will be a time that they will find it hard to reach the top of the refrigerator even more. Their appetites also recede as times go by. They tend to sleep more. They are so precious that it makes you want to give the best to them. Cats generally reach the age of 10 or older and get to the point of having age-related medical issues.

These medical issues affect them truly. Indoor cats, moreover, live a lot longer compared to outdoor cats. According to one study done in Purdue, going to a few years back, indoor-only cats live 2.5 times longer relative to outdoor cats. Indoor cats are more pampered compared to outdoor cats. They are not exposed to dangers such as poisons and infectious diseases. They also do not engage to catfights or disagreements with dogs or Cadillacs.

With regard to the physical signs showing an aging cat, they are generally hard to distinguish. Cats can be both prey and predator. They also tend to be very light on their feet. One of the major problems of cats is arthritis. You know they are aging when they have this soft appearance, and they refrain from jumping in high places, usually, when they do, it is just very subtle.

cat food for older cats with teeth problems

Generally, cats have a longer lifespan. This is why they are also known to have nine lives. Some factors lengthen a cat’s life, namely consistent checkups, educated pet parenting as well as nutritional intakes. The cat years are known as the geriatric years. For some pointers, a kitten is newborn to six months, a junior is 7 months to 2 years, an adult is 3 years to 6 years, mature is 7 years to 10 years, senior is 11 years to 14 years, and geriatric is known to have more than 15 years.

As cats reach their geriatric years, they often get told to be slowing down. They need to improve their quality of life so as to increase longevity. It is also important to find to diagnose diseases while they are not at the terminal stage so as to lessen their pain and suffering, and checking on them reduces healthcare costs and hospitalizations. To know more about your aging cat, here are signs that they have reached that age when they need stronger support from you:

They show a significant amount of weight loss and a decline in their bodily movement.

They show a significant amount of weight loss and a decline in their bodily movement.

Constantly living with your pet can be difficult to notice the ups and downs of their weight. Knowing the weight changes among cats can be more difficult to trace as the cats grow older. Going on veterinary checks can help check on them. Geriatric cats often record 10% of body weight loss when not monitored. For somebody who takes care of their cats every day, it takes a lot for them to notice the weight changes in their cat. Sometimes, the actual weight does not change. However, there are changes in the muscle mass as well as the tone of the muscles.

Cats usually become thinner as they grow old and their hair goes through some thinning process. Although the cat is aging, proper measures on this should be taken. Weight loss could mean that a cat is going through a cognitive problem or a dental disease. It is important to consult a veterinary first before doing something about your cat’s diet. Presumptively, aging cats need to need more protein in their diet to maintain their weight or fix the condition in their body.

They have changes in their water intake.

They have changes in their water intake.

Aging cats generally either consume water more or consume less water. When they drink a lot of water more than they used to, a lot of owners become alarmed and bring them over the vet. The cat may be consuming water more secretly, and it takes time for this to be noticeable. A lot of diseases are often manifested by increased thirst, and it is often too late when you notice this. In addition, when a cat starts to consume less water, this can cause dehydration in the long run. A reason for going to the water bowl less is because they do not feel well; they lose their mental capacity and forget to drink water as a result.

Their behavior changes, and it is not the same as they used to act.

Their behavior changes, and it is not the same as they used to act.

The mortality of cats is getting longer. Some have the chance to survive 20 years or more. However, when they reach this phase, a lot of behavioral changes transpire. These are the things you need to discuss with your vet. Your observations will be highly important as you consult.

When a cat is yowling, this can mean that they are going through anxiety, maybe because of an illness they are carrying or losing their mental functions. Geriatric kitties need to be in a stress-free environment. Early diagnosis of diseases will make the quality of life for your cats to be better. It is also important that as early as possible, you keep the anxiety your cat is experiencing at a minimum in order for them to live longer and live healthier as you would want them to.

They require more dedication.

As cats reach their senile age, it becomes a challenge for the owners to give them the quality of care that they deserve. While it may not be easy, going through a veterinary can really help. Your cat has kept you happy just by existing. So, what is going out of your way as a thank you for the happiness they have given you? Working for your heart will be something that you would be grateful for as this will extend the life of your cat that you so dearly love.

Among the things that you need to pay attention to when your cat is aging is the quality of food they eat. As they lose teeth, it becomes harder for them to eat.

Here are some things you need to know about dental problems persisting in senior cats:

  1. Good nutrition can go a long way. A healthy set of teeth is founded on healthy eating. It is true that the quality of the diet you are giving to your cats determine their health and wellness. Giving them a balanced formula for the nutrients they need ensures their total-body health, including oral health. As the pet owner, it is a challenge to you to keep your cat diet aligned with their nutritional needs.


  1. Brush your cat’s teeth just as how you brush your own. You may see this as a joke, but it is actually a need. Prevention is better than cure, and for you to save your cat from periodontal disease, brushing their teeth will help. Bacteria can affect your cat’s mouth easily as they can spread from 24 to 36 hours. This makes regular brushing really essential.


  1. Gum disease has its stages and saves them from this. Gingivitis is the first stage for gum disease in cats. This is still reversible when approached with a professional cleaning and routine oral care that you do for your cat. If the disease goes on, this can lead to permanent damage, so better nip the bud before it gets worst.


  1. Give dry food for your cat. The purpose of giving dry food is to keep your cat’s teeth from having all those leftovers. It keeps the teeth clean. Having food stuck on their teeth can cause dental problems. Dry foods are relatively easier to chew, and they also remove plaque and tartar from your cat’s teeth.


  1. Weight loss can be caused by dental problems left untreated. As cats age, they tend to reduce their meal consumption. They lose appetite because of oral problems that lead to painful eating. In the long run, a cat will lose weight.

Researching for the best food for older cats with bad teeth is not really overwhelming, especially when you have the internet. You have to take note that you are looking for cat food for older cats with teeth problems.

Here are some cat foods that you can consider with reviews on them:

  1. American Journey Pate Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Cat Food

American Journey Pate Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, 3-oz, case of 24

This cat food is very good since it is very easy to chew. Its primary ingredient is real salmon, priced at $0.86/can, and grain-free. You would not have to worry because it is made of deboned salmon, which provide 40% protein. A lot of owners love this because their cats have gained healthy weight after implementing this into their cat’s diet.


Overall, it is a good product to try, especially for cats who have a taste for salmon-based dry food. It improves the skin as well as makes the coats healthier to look at. If the cat is allergic to chicken, they can thrive through this salmon formula. It also has dried egg products and menhaden fish meal with it. This is available on and Amazon.



  1. Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Mature Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Mature Dry Cat Food

This cat food is specially formulated for senior cats.  Chicken is its main ingredient, and its priced as $2.98/lb. This cat food prides on its use of real meat. It has high-quality protein to which your cat can develop strong muscles. It also contains grains, veggies, and fruit essential to maintain a balanced diet for your cat. This formula has all the proteins and carbohydrates that will meet the required energy for your senior cat to have a healthy lifestyle. It also has additional taurine for the heart and eye.


The brand also integrated the LifeSource bits, which has antioxidants essential to boost the immune system, give the requirements needed as your loving cat grows old, and also to keep the oxidative requirement balanced. For the well-being of your cat and give them the vitamins and minerals they need, you can opt to buy dis one. This is available on Amazon and



  1. Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food

Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food

A lot of cats find it hard to maintain their body weight as they age. If you see that your cat is losing weight, investing in food specially formulated for its weight is a good move. Nulo Freestyle Chicken and Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat and Kitten Food are for senior cats. It has a high-calorie content. In addition, it sourced its protein from different animals such as chicken, turkey, and cod. All fresh ingredients are in their formula. It is also grain-free that eases digestion. It also has high fiber content.


For the vitamin needs of your cats, cranberries and sweet potatoes provide the necessary elements. The two mentioned ingredients promote better nutrient absorption. The only thing you will worry about this is it is quite costly for a stable diet, but if you have the budget, this is surely worth a try! It is available on Amazon.



  1. Halo Holistic Chicken and Chicken Liver Recipe Grain-Free Senior Dry Cat Food

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food

This is good for senior cats that have a sensitive stomach. The all-natural ingredients present in the formula provides the nutrition needed. This has chicken liver and fresh chicken as its primary ingredients. It is very easy to digest, as it is grain-free and contains high fiber content. It is good for the heart because it has large amounts of omega fatty acids because of the salmon oil and chicken fat.


Your cat will surely adore its very natural chicken flavor. It has also added fruits and vegetables, which add up to the nutrients. One concern for you is its soy content. Some senior cats are allergic to soy. Other than that, this is also an ideal food for your cat. It is available on Amazon and

American Journey Pate Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Cat Food$$3.7ChewyCheck Price
Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Mature Dry Cat Food$$4.7AmazonCheck Price
Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Mature Dry Cat Food$$4.7ChewyCheck Price
Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food$$4.6AmazonCheck Price
Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food$$4.4ChewyCheck Price
Halo Holistic Chicken and Chicken Liver Recipe Grain-Free Senior Dry Cat Food$$4.7AmazonCheck Price
Halo Holistic Chicken and Chicken Liver Recipe Grain-Free Senior Dry Cat Food$$3.3ChewyCheck Price

Older cats need more love than they used to. Our cats have given us nothing but love since they become our pets. It does not take much to pay it forward and take care of them as they are in their senility. They will thank you for this. You can check out the recommendations above!