3 Reasons why do Dogs Eat Grass and Dirt?

The very thing that irks the breeders is that – why does my dog eat grass and dirt? Do you have the same concern? Or you might have heard the pet parents always found worried for their dogs when they start eating grass and dirt… Wait Grass and Dirt? But why do they ever eat them? Well, if you are new to breed dogs, then you should know that’s not uncommon behavior among them or we can say, this is their foraging behavior, however, it is entirely unclear but several types of research have been made to find the reasons for this unique behavior, and some of them are mentioned below. 


The simple theory behind eating grass for dogs is self-medication however it was observed by many dog breeders that whenever dogs do not feel well they love to play around grass and eating it so that they could vomit and get better. They find playing with grass enjoyable, it keeps them interactive, and they feel good. 

It has good taste

It has good taste

This could be another reason why your dog eats grass and dirt – they taste good! While for many owners it is even safe to assume it. More than 50% of the dogs eat the grass because they like the taste and enjoy eating it. While some researches have also found out that grazing on grass may help your dog obtain the necessary fibers and vitamin that is lacked in their diet. Modern breeds of dogs are limited with the amount of food and nutrients given to them which can lead to several malfunctions inside the bodies. While street dogs can eat anything they want thus comparatively they are more active, responsive, and alert than those being bred at homes. So let your dog eat grass sometimes or add some raw plants and vegetables to their diets. 

Good for health 

This point is specific for easting grass. It is good for health and facilitates growth from inside and outside both. Researchers have found the foraging behavior for dogs is essentially beneficial for them especially for the dogs who don’t eat grass on the regular basis. This serves as the natural emetic and tends to induce vomiting when they ate something unfavorable to the digestive system. While those dogs who keep eating grass on the regular basis have fewer chances of vomiting. Your dog may also eat with a gassy stomach for relief. Grass tends to fulfill the nutritional needs of your four-legged friend but a limit is prescribed.  

Grass and raw plants have to be part of their daily meal, seek veterinarian help, and ask what plants your dog can eat and to what limit. 

What is Pica? 

Dogs who eat a lot of grass can also result in Pica – a problem. The term describes the eating of non-food substances more specifically fecal material which gives rise to medical problems including disturbed tummy, vomiting, mood swings, and digestion issues. 

How Can I Stop My Dog from Eating Grass and Dirt? 

How Can I Stop My Dog from Eating Grass and Dirt? 

  • First, you definitely have to supervise them wherever they go, whatever they do. Every member of the family should keep noticing them if they are near. Start by scolding so that dogs get to know this is something forbidden.
  • They eat grass and dirt due to the portion of essential nutrients is missing in their diet. Watch which type of grass they eat, what portion are they trying to filling in and what nutrients are missing in their diet – add this. 
  • Consider purchasing a grass or wheat kit for the dog. 
  • Visit the vet if your pup keeps eating dust and grass.