3 Reasons why do cats show their Belly

One minute when your cat rolls around your leg then other, she will lie on her back to expose her belly. What is she trying to say by the gesture isn’t very complicated. Cats use sign gesture language to communicate with their parents but why do cats show their belly, what makes them do that? However, parents do understand what cats want by showing this type of gesture but the new parents may need to spend some days and weeks to figure this out. You may be curious to know the reasons, aren’t you? We have compiled the three most common reasons why do cats show their belly

Reasons why do Cats Show Their Belly?

Reasons why do Cats Show Their Belly?

For the following three reasons, your cat may expose her belly:

  • Satisfaction
  • Affection
  • Invitation 


If they want to tell you they are satisfied having you around, they would roll over their back show you tummy to communicate. Mostly, cats use the gesture to tell that they are comfortable, healthy and relaxed, and not frightened of anything. The belly on the cat’s body is one of the most vulnerable parts, it will never reveal it unless things around are calm and harmless. It may also sleep in the same gesture to show you how satisfied she is. This way she becomes more curious about what comes next. 


When you start petting your cat to show your love to it, it says back “I love you too” by exposing her belly and enjoying your touch on it. This is how they show their affection to the owner. Sometimes you don’t even have to touch or pet and they turn on their back to make you touch and love them, that’s their fantasy. Be gentle with your touch, soft touches make your cat more affectionate. 


If your cat wants to invite you to play with her, she will definitely be showing you the gesture. She becomes more curious as you keep petting her head, neck, and belly. She would love to play with your hands and the things you offer. However, this may be a mixed sign, if any of your touches goes wrong, or accidentally hurt her, she may come up playing with her all four paws with sharp nails. But that’s rare, if she knows you for long, she would not hurt you even in return. 

So these are the reasons why do cats show their belly, and that’s a great sign of invitation to play with her more but you have to ensure she is enjoying it when she is done with playing because they are slightly reserved about it unlike dogs, dogs love someone to rub their belly and back. One second you might feel cats are enjoying playing with you, and the next you may feel she is fed up with the touches. So it turns important to pet her the right way. 

How to pet your Cat on Her Belly? 

How to pet your Cat on Her Belly? 

  • Start gently by giving something to play with. 
  • Touch her head and neck with your fingers, rub your figures around the head and neck.
  • Give your cat your entire attention
  • Give her something to eat
  • If she loves to play around, she will lay on her back to allow you for rubbing her belly. 
  • You have to gently use the pores of your fingers and not nails to rub. 
  • If she closes her eyes and purrs, it means she loves it being rubbed. 
  • If she moves your hand away, means you have to stop right there. 

So, now you have the answer of “why do cats show their belly?” so make sure to follow the guidelines while rubbing her belly.